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Klipvygie (Delosperma lydenburgense)

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Delosperma lydenburgense occurs in Lydenburg Montane Grassland in the Mpumalanga Province at about 750-2000 m. Soils here are mainly derived from quartzite, shale, lavas and dolomites. Plants are subject to occasional frost, orographic precipitation and mist for the better part of the year.

Derivation of name and historical aspects

The name Delosperma is derived from the Greek word delos, which means visible, and sperma which means seed, alluding to the fact that the capsule has no covering membrane and that the seeds are exposed when the capsule opens. The epithet lydenburgense refers to the town of Lydenburg in Mpumalanga where its natural habitat is.


Bees have been observed as frequent visitors of the flowers. It is therefore quite possible that they are pollinators of the klipvygie.

Delosperma lydenburgense visited by bee


There is no record of the klipvygie being used medicinally or culturally.

In KwaZulu-Natal, other members of the genus are of significance because they are believed to bring good luck and are used as magical plants. In the horticultural industry this species is used as an ornamental

The plant occurs naturally in the summer-rainfall area of South Africa. However, it does equally well in areas receiving winter rainfall, where it should perhaps be grown on sunny rockeries, in slightly sloping areas or as a pot plant. It also seems to do well in semi-shade. The klipvygie makes for a dazzling display if grown en masse or interplanted with other colours complementary to its bright purple flowers

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