Mondo grass (ophiopogon kyoto) picture

Grows in: Shade/semi-shade

Mondo grass is a hardy evergreen that is great for planting between stepping stones and as a living mulch.

Ophiopogon japonica picture

Where to plant: Shade/full sun

Ophiopogon japonica can be planted together with Mondo grass to create variation

Kruikie-roer-nie (mimosa pudica) picture

Grows in:  West facingi window

Mimosa pudica also called he touch-me-not, is a perennial herb often grown for its curiosity value: the compound l…

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Bergvygies (delosperma cooperi) picture

Delosperma cooperi common name is Bergvygie, a dwarf perennial plant, native to South Africa. It forms a dense lawn with abundant, long-lasting flowe…

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Klipvygie (delosperma lydenburgense) picture

Delosperma lydenburgense occurs in Lydenburg Montane Grassland in the Mpumalanga Province at about 750-2000 m. Soils here are mainly derived from qua…

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Anthericum saundersi picture

Where to plant: Sun or shade
Winter white cloth covering: No
Special feeding requirements: None

Anthericum saundersiae's natural habitat is in KZN, Swaz…

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Hen and chickens (chlorophytum comosum) picture

One of the most popular houseplants. worldwide, Chlorophytum comosum is a indoor plant that is one of the easiest to maintain. It has long slender sw…

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Dorantha erecta 'sheenas gold' picture

Grows in: Full sun

Plant bag size: 2-4 liters

Knows for its brillant colour these plants can be grown to form a natural boundary or as ornamental 'lollipop' trees.

Plumbago auriculata picture

Where to plant: Full sun

Plawnt bag sizes: 2-4 liters


Deep blue flowers in abundance on a versatile plant. Shrub, hedge, climber, trained rambler…

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Aloe cooperi picture

Whewre to plant: Full sun

Plant bag sizes: 2 - 4 liter

This hardy aloe has long, narrow leaves that form a rosette or fan shape.  The foliage is a…

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Violets ( viola hederecea) picture

A pretty ground cover and lawn substitute for shady areas, with round leaves and purple and white flowers held above the foliage. It spreads by …

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Pennyroyal mentha picture


Where to plant: Shade/ semi shade

Mentha pulegium, commonly pennyroyal, or pennyrile, also called squaw mint, mosquito plant and pudding grass, …

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