Mondo grass (ophiopogon kyoto) picture

Grows in: Shade/semi-shade

Mondo grass is a hardy evergreen that is great for planting between stepping stones and as a living mulch.

Ophiopogon japonica picture

Where to plant: Shade/full sun

Ophiopogon japonica can be planted together with Mondo grass to create variation

Hen and chickens (chlorophytum comosum) picture

One of the most popular houseplants. worldwide, Chlorophytum comosum is a indoor plant that is one of the easiest to maintain. It has long slender sw…

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Violets ( viola hederecea) picture

A pretty ground cover and lawn substitute for shady areas, with round leaves and purple and white flowers held above the foliage. It spreads by …

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Crassulla ovata 'campfire red' picture

Crassula capitella (crassula campfire) is an evergreen plant originally found in South Africa and commonly known as crassula campfire.

This is very co…

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Crassulla multicava red picture

Crassulas are often small, curiously formed plants that are favourites for succulent collectors. Crassula multicava is one of those plants that can b…

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