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Mondo grass (ophiopogon kyoto) picture

Grows in: Shade/semi-shade

Mondo grass is a hardy evergreen that is great for planting between stepping stones and as a living mulch.

Ophiopogon japonica picture

Where to plant: Shade/full sun

Ophiopogon japonica can be planted together with Mondo grass to create variation

Kruikie-roer-nie (mimosa pudica) picture

Grows in:  West facingi window

Mimosa pudica also called he touch-me-not, is a perennial herb often grown for its curiosity value: the compound l…

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Bergvygies (delosperma cooperi) picture

Delosperma cooperi common name is Bergvygie, a dwarf perennial plant, native to South Africa. It forms a dense lawn with abundant, long-lasting flowe…

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Klipvygie (delosperma lydenburgense) picture

Delosperma lydenburgense occurs in Lydenburg Montane Grassland in the Mpumalanga Province at about 750-2000 m. Soils here are mainly derived from qua…

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Anthericum saundersi picture

Where to plant: Sun or shade
Winter white cloth covering: No
Special feeding requirements: None

Anthericum saundersiae's natural habitat is in KZN, Swaz…

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Kameeldrift Nursery is the brainchild of Rudolph van Rensburg and a silent partner. We aim to grow plants for the retail as well as landscaping sector that will not only put a smile on your face but also your wallet.


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Rudolph van Rensburg



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South Africa

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